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BB Telco started to transform the conventional approach to selecting Internet, telecommunications, and technology services. We recognize that decisions surrounding technology services are fundamental for businesses, yet often pose challenges for decision-makers who might feel lost when trying to make decisions on technology services. The common pitfall for many businesses is to gravitate towards providers with the largest marketing budgets, only to end up with generic, one-size-fits-all products that fall short of meeting their specific needs.

This is where we step in. Our core mission is to empower our clients to make well-informed decisions that are perfectly aligned with their unique business requirements. At BB Telco, we stand for personalized solutions crafted to fit your specific needs, moving away from the industry norm of generic product offerings. We are committed to guiding you through the intricate landscape of technology services, ensuring that you discover solutions that are not just adequate, but ideal for your business.


Craig Bullock


Craig Bullock is a telecommunications and technology expert whose career commenced in 2002. Craig’s journey in the telecom and technology sector has been marked by his involvement in a vast spectrum of products and services. His experience in the corporate world led to a crucial realization: the prevalent incentives often nudged him towards recommending solutions to clients that were not always the best fit.


With more than 20 years in the industry, Craig has forged valuable partnerships with some of the most forward-thinking companies in telecom, internet, and technology. This network laid the foundation for his bold move in 2015 when he stepped away from the corporate realm to establish his own business. His mission: to guide clients towards the most practical product choices.

Craig’s relentless pursuit of knowledge keeps him at the forefront of industry developments, ensuring that BB Telco’s portfolio is always expanding to meet the dynamic needs of our customers.

He brings a strong academic background to his role, holding Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing & Quantitative Analysis and Business Information Systems from Mississippi State University. Craig’s educational prowess complements his professional acumen, making him a cornerstone of our company’s expertise and growth.


Natalie Vollmer

Director – Telecom Division

Natalie Vollmer, a key asset to BB Telco since 2018, brings a rich background in the telecom industry from her home state of Illinois. Her decade-long tenure at Comcast as a Business Services Project Manager, including two years as the Supervisor for the Chicago Enterprise Sales Support Team, laid a strong foundation for her expertise. Her role is pivotal in project management

and customer success, ensuring the seamless and high-quality implementation of products, underlining her commitment to excellence and attention to detail in enhancing client experiences.

Michael Clifton

Director – Dispatch Services

Michael is the newest mber of the BB Telco Team.  He joins us with a wealth of expertise as a highly skilled technician and project manager.  He was introduced to BB Telco as a contractor, skillfully handling a variety of projects encompassing fiber, low voltage, sound, CATV, television, and networking. We were so impressed with his work ethic and skills that he earned a position as an valuable member of our team.    


Michael is a proud Alumni of Coastal Carolina University.


Jennifer Bullock

Director of Marketing

Meet Jennifer Bullock, an esteemed member of our team and the beloved wife of Craig Bullock.  Jennifer is instrumental in defining and enhancing the public image of our brand. Her involvement in numerous marketing initiatives ensures that our company remains a leader in industry trends. Jennifer brings a unique flair to our marketing endeavors with her professional training in photography.


Her talent behind the lens is evident in the captivating images that are a cornerstone of our marketing materials. Her contributions not only enrich our visual storytelling but also significantly amplify our brand’s reach and impact.


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